INhomogenieties and fluctuations in quantum CohErent matter Phases by ultrafast optical Tomography 


INCEPT aims to extend time domain optical spectroscopy by performing a full Time Resolved Quantum State Reconstruction (TRQSR) of the probe pulses.


INCEPT will combine pump and probe experiments resolving single light pulses with balanced homodyne detection quantum tomography in the pulsed regime.


INCEPT will adress the quantum nature of vibrational states in condensed matter and inhomogenieties in light driven phase changes in transition metal oxides.

Q4Q – Daniele Fausti Lab

Daniele Fausti runs an independent research programm at the physics department of the University of Trieste and the Syncrotron facility Elettra Sincrotrone S.C.P.A. in Trieste. The aim of his lab is to study and control non-equilibrium quantum matter phases by the resonant excitation of low energy degrees of freedom in matter. In particular he leads a scientific program aiming at combining standard non-equilibrium approaches to a full quantum state reconstruction of light pulses to go beyond mean photon number observables and provide richer statistical information than standard linear and non-linear optical spectroscopies.


The University of Trieste (Università degli Studi di Trieste) is a medium-sized university based in Trieste, Italy. The university consists of 10 Departments and currently has about 20000 students enrolled, 800 fellows, 700 administrative and technical staff. The University offers a total of 124 courses, divided in Bachelor Degree courses, MasterDegree courses, PhD-Doctorates, Specialization Schools and Professionally Oriented Masters.

Given its geo-political position, Trieste has always been a cultural crossroad and the University of Trieste carries on this tradition by promoting internationalisation through research, education as well as student and teacher mobility. Worldwide partnerships with about 120 universities testify the University’s global networking research activities.


The 3rd generation light source Elettra hosts more than 20 beamlines dedicated to activities ranging from analytical microscopy, and microradiography to photolithography. The recent addition of the Sincrotrone Trieste s.c.p.a is the Fermi Free Electron Laser: a single-pass free electron laser user-facility covering the wavelength range from 100 nm (12 eV) to 10 nm (124 eV). The FEL serves three beamlines designed to match the needs of separate end stations dedicated to low density matter, elastic and inelastic scattering, and diffraction and projection imaging.

INCEPT activities will be performed in collaboration with professor F. Parmigiani and the T-Rex group he leads within the Fermi project. The TRex is a laboratory fully dedicated to time domain spectroscopy in correlated electron systems, making the environment for my research ideal.


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