COBRAS – our Proof of Concept Project

One year has passed since the starting of COBRAS, our Proof of Concept project that has branched out from the INCEPT project. COBRAS comes from the evidence collected during INCEPT, in which our lab has demonstrated that in this limit the frequency of the Raman modes of a sample can be retrieved by measuring the spectral correlations in different pulses which are induced by the interaction with the sample. The central idea of COBRAS is to set the way for the commercial exploitation of covariance-based approaches to Raman spectroscopy. To this purpose, we will develop a prototype spectrometer, study the general applicability of the covariance-based methods and identify viable strategies for the commercialization of the spectrometer developed.

The concept proposed in COMBRAS for Raman spectroscopy can be extended to different optical techniques and wavelength ranges thus representing a paradigmatic change in the approach to optical spectroscopy, potentially disclosing a new market across different industrial and scientific spectroscopic applications.